The favorite food of every U.S. state, according to Twitter 

I am torn between “what the shit, Michigan” and also “SUCK IT HATERS, IT’S NOT WEIRD!” because I, too, love grits in the morning.


The favorite food of every U.S. state, according to Twitter 

I am torn between “what the shit, Michigan” and also “SUCK IT HATERS, IT’S NOT WEIRD!” because I, too, love grits in the morning.

"and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied, ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.’"

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Chris Evans gets an itch he can’t wait to scratch. x

god is real


Trish Hidge, from the mayor’s office, called a press conference today in which she stood in front of a large truck, painted in bright neon colors and decorated with flashing lights, and resolutely denied the truck’s existence.

She continued this denial for several minutes, and through a lengthy round of questioning from the gathered reporters — although it should be noted that many of the questions took the form of just pointing at the truck and raising an eyebrow.

Ms. Hidge admitted afterwards that the conference was simply a workout for her denial skills, which she says she must keep sharp through constant practice…and which she also says do not exist. She was then heard to deny the sky, the existence of a loving deity, and eggs.

"Eggs aren’t real," she said. "Nuh-uh! Show me an egg! That’s not an egg! What’s an egg? Who let you in here?"


Welcome to Night Vale - Episode 26 “A Memory of Europe”


shout out to natalie dormer and nicki minaj for both walking a fine line between ‘ethereal princess’ and ‘otherworldly predator’

A Koala reflecting on his sins, his triumphs, and the inevitability of death.


Around The World In 8 Hospital Meals

A hospital is probably the last place a foodie traveling abroad wants to grab a bite.

After all, hospital food here in the U.S. conjures a stereotype of mystery meat and a starchy, bland side. But around the globe, there’s a lot of variety. A scan of hospital food pictures on Flickr and various blogs reveals gastronomic works of art — as well as what looks pretty close to the gruel Oliver Twist must have been fed in his workhouse. (Hat tip to Buzzfeed, which curated a collection of some of these images.)

Even within the same country, what’s served from hospital to hospital can differ wildly, according to Aatul Jain, operations manager and executive chef at Saint Clare’s Health Systems, a private hospital in New Jersey. Jain, who grew up in India, keeps track of the international hospital food scene, such as it is.

"In India — and in China — it’s the same thing. You have these [private] hospitals that are like super, five-star deluxe hotels," he says. "It beats any of the care we get over here. It beats any of the services we get over here in the Western world. "

Meanwhile, a person who isn’t wealthy might end up at a public hospital, where offerings are much more modest. So the pictures people post online, like those included in the Buzzfeed list, may not be representative of the food in a given country’s hospital system.

Here at The Salt, we reached out to some of the food photogs we came across to hear about what they were served. Responses were mixed.

Continue reading and see more photos.

Photos (top to bottom):

Malaysia: Wow! This meal even looks like it’s served on real china. Flickr user Hewyk posted this lunch from a Malaysian hospital. (hewyk/Flickr)

Qatar: "The food was excellent, I enjoyed it and rank it as good if not better than any hospital food I have had anywhere," said Flickr user Brian Candy of his meal at a hospital in Qatar. (Brian Candy/Flickr)

Japan: "Everything was well presented and delicious," Flickr user Annabelle Orozco wrote about the food she ate at an Osaka hospital. "To me it was particularly attractive for hospital food." (Annabelle Orozco/Flickr)

Austria: "I think I actually got depressed from how bad it was," Flickr user girl_onthe_les said about this hospital lunch served up in Austria in 2012. Us too. (girl_onthe_les/Flickr)

My mom is constantly in and out of the hospital, and the hospital in Podunk has… some… well, some people in the city much prefer to drive 30 minutes out to the next city for care if the option is available. My family has really had few complaints, so we still stay within that health system here.

But the thing we have NEVER had a complaint about is the food. Holy shit. I am going to admit to you guys, there were a couple times I was just downtown in the vicinity of the hospital and I swung in for lunch 100% voluntarily. I get cravings for a specific wrap they sell. I have dreams about this amazing chicken marsala dish they made one time.

The food they take up to the rooms is just as good, if much more likely to be low sodium and low sugar, but it’s still fucking great.

"It does not matter if a boundary makes sense to you. It does not matter if it seems inconsequential to you. Boundaries are the prerogative of the person who sets them. You do not know that person’s story, and they are not obligated to justify their boundaries to you. That touch that seems insignificant to you may be uncomfortably intimate for someone else. That interaction that is fine with others may trigger someone’s PTSD. You do not know more about someone than they know about themselves. Trust that they know what they are doing when they set a boundary with you, even if you do not understand why.

When someone sets a boundary with you they are saying “no.” No means no. Do not push people on their boundaries or ask for explanations that are not readily given. Doing these things indicates that you do not respect their boundaries. For many people, saying “no” once, setting a boundary, is difficult enough. Do not put them in a position where they must repeatedly do so. No means no the first time. Pushing them on it suggests a hope that you can wear them down, which is problematic at best and predatory at worst. No means no."


Girls Will Be Boys pt. 2  by The Gabbie Show


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Yeah, let’s talk about how all of these clothes are 99% Soccer Mom Chic, or plain tee shirts.

I’m in the 18-20, 1x-2x size range depending on the brand (sometimes I can get into an XL, depending on the brand), and the options for me are still pretty much solidly “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. Do you wanna look like a middle school chaperon who’s still “hip” and “with it”? That’s the apparel we sell!

The higher the sizes go it just becomes blander and more shapeless.